Mews property: the most lucrative investment on the planet?

7/12/2018 by Lurot Brand

A fascinating insight into the history of the values of prime central London houses is provided by a house we have sold six times in the last 34 years. Number 31 Hyde Park Gardens Mews is one of 46 mews houses built by John Crake between 1836 and 1840 as stabling for the houses fronting onto Hyde Park. The Church commissioners, who were the freeholders, sold a lease in 1919 to a Mrs Shoppee for 74 and quarter years at an annual rent of £185. ..

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Why you need a full property management service

28/11/2018 by Lurot Brand

A recent survey of 1,237 landlords (commissioned bizarrely by the DIY website; revealed that with over 145 individual laws and over 400 regulations to follow, it’s foolhardy for landlords to think they can ‘do’ lettings without expert advice. ..

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No luck selling your home? Start digging

23/11/2018 by Lurot Brand

Wise owners who can’t sell their homes in a stalling market are taking advantage of this time by making their houses the best they can be. Rather than dumping hundreds of thousands of pounds in stamp duty and moving costs they are spending their money on improving and extending. ..

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Property pain? Don’t blame Brexit

15/11/2018 by Lurot Brand

Brexit and the Stamp Duty surcharge arrived within a month of each other in 2016. It is indisputable that the 12%- 15% Stamp Duty bracket has driven the volume of sales down to 75% lower than during the Financial Crises. Politicians and other pundits may blame Brexit for property market falls, but significantly no-one has told us they are not transacting because of Brexit. ..

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