Our proudest moment

30/11/2016 by Lurot Brand

Lurot Brand’s staff members were bursting with pride on the evening of Tuesday 21st November, when our fantastic founder Antoine Lurot collected his Lifetime Achievement Award from the London Magazine Club. ..

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What Makes A Good Estate Agency Excellent?

17/11/2013 by Lurot Brand

Uniquely, we do not regionalise offices. Crucially, a mews buyer is not always a local buyer. Our negotiators have the freedom to show properties all over London and often a mews buyer’s main search criteria is the style of the property/or the mews itself as opposed to its postcode! We pride ourselves on our excellent communication skills We pride ourselves on managing expectations fairly We pride ourselves on qualifying our buyers (and tenants!) comprehensively We pride ourselves on having buyers as passionate about mews as we are! ..

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