When mews broker Noah Pearlman launched Lurot Brand's new office in Belsize Park in late 2019, the market outlook was grim.  Writing in the winter edition of Mews News, he says it was a time when speculation about the effects of Brexit on the economy had dampened Londoners' enthusiasm for buying and selling property.

Noah and his team took the view that “things can only get better,” and - for a while - they did improve. Heading into 2020 Noah sensed a change in the air.  “There was a distinct sense of renewed enthusiasm … we were off to a flying start,”  he says. However, Noah’s “flying start” was about to nosedive to a crash landing, as news of a newly-discovered virus began to spread.  

During the first Covid-19 lockdown, the majority of Noah's team were on furlough, and public confidence in the property market hit an all-time low. Despite these setbacks, Noah says “Lurot Brand dug deep”, producing extraordinary results. In their first year of operation in North London, he and his team have achieved record pound-per-square-foot prices.  They've also seen multiple buyers bidding properties above the asking price and expanded the areas covered by the Belsize Park office.

Lurot Brand extends its reach

With offices in Hyde Park, Notting Hill and South Kensington, Lurot Brand was keen to extend its reach into North London.  The Belsize Park branch, now entering its second year of operation, covers areas such as Bloomsbury, Camden Town, Chalk Farm, Hampstead, Highgate and Maida Vale.  

Although Noah's first year in the job has been “a roller coaster”, he says it has also been surprising and rewarding.  He has immensely enjoyed meeting buyers and vendors, discovering unknown mews streets and bringing Lurot Brand's 50 years of mews expertise to a new, broader community.

Noah's optimism for 2021

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, but Noah's pandemic experience has made him aware that “anything and everything is possible, even in the most difficult circumstances”.  For that reason, he says he has “renewed optimism” for whatever might happen in 2021.  

Finally, Noah has listed his three favourite instructions of 2020.  If you'd like to hear about the mews properties that won his heart this year, click on the Mews News link and move to page 11.  Afterwards, take a moment to enjoy more fantastic features or browse through our listings of fabulous mews properties for sale or rent.  

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