Noah Pearlman must be pleased that it’s been ‘business as usual’ for Lurot Brand during lockdown 2.0. Writing in Mews News Noah, who runs Lurot Brand’s north London office, has bemoaned his first lockdown experience. Like many of us, he spent the time “eating and binge-watching Netflix”. However, on his return to the office, he discovered that his waistline wasn’t the only thing to have changed.

Over the short time, he had been absent from work, Noah realised that his buyers’ wish list of ideal property requirements had altered. Post-lockdown, his clients were not just looking for attractive and well-presented living spaces, but longing for spacious, light-filled homes that promoted “a sense of wellbeing.”

Looking for light and space

Noah has always been aware of the misconception that mews houses lack light and space. Confronted by buyers in search of bright homes with an extensive footprint, he was challenged to prove that the properties in his portfolio had everything the post-lockdown buyer could want.

An article in Mews News turned out to be the ideal way to meet that challenge. Noah is keen to point out the development potential of mews properties, and he applauds the ingenious way mews owners “create space where there appears to be none.”

A G&T and a catch up

He says mews houses are surprisingly flexible and can provide generous interior space when they are reconfigured. Sunken floors, roof extensions, basements and balconies all provide ways to maximise floor space. Re-positioning staircases and pulling down walls also help to expand the footprint. At the same time, renovation projects offer opportunities to build in skylights that admit more natural light.

Noah says mews owners also excel at making the most of their exterior spaces. He suggests that a carefully-placed wooden bench outside can provide a convenient spot for a “G&T and a catch up” with neighbours at the end of the day.

Pick a London park

London’s public open spaces offer a wide range of wellness benefits. North Londoners can walk or run throughout the vast expanse of Hampstead Heath, with its famous open-air swimming pools (popular spots for wild swimming). The area also boasts a rich mix of ancient woodland and historic houses and parks, where mews-dwellers can relax and enjoy the natural environment.

The perfect space

Noah’s advice to potential buyers is to grasp the opportunity to reconfigure a mews property, so it creates “the perfect space that works for you and the way you like to live, work and play.” He says a well-designed house can provide the “all-important personal space” that buyers want, with all the associated benefits for wellness and positive mental health.

You can read the full article by clicking through to pages 10-11 of Mews News.  Meanwhile, if you are selling your mews house or planning your next home move, why not get in touch with us at Lurot Brand’?  You can contact us at our offices in Belsize Park, Hyde Park, Notting Hill and South Kensington.

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