London Property Investment: Why a Mews is a good investment

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The Savils 5 year forecast for the UK residential market would indicate that prime real estate in London is a good future investment as far as property price increases are concerned. Whilst the London property bubble has created a significant gap in house prices growth in the capital is set to increase exponentially. Read More >>

You Should be Investing in residential property in London: Here’s Why

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The residential market survey (RICS 2014)  indicates that the imbalance between supply and demand is the main catalyst for growth, by creating a greater upward pressure on the price of residential property. In particular the strongest gains in residential properties were in London and the South East. This is perhaps also attributed to low supply, so whilst the rest of the UK see’s an increase of roughly 4%, the growth in London is much higher.

regional breakdown of prices RICS Residential market survey 2014

There is a rise in London property prices and the South East. Regional breakdown of prices, Residential Market Survey [RICS March 2014]

Earlier this year the property market began experiencing growth thanks to global economic recovery as well as a London price bubble of 9%. This property bubble has now risen to 18% [The Guardian April 2nd]. This increase has been caused not only by the increased value of property in The City  and London generally, but the fact that average house price are up this year also.  There has also been an increase of dignified foreign investors creating sustained growth through sound residential property investments.

regional breakdown of prices RICS Residential market survey 2014

The low property stock in London has created a property bubble.  Ratio of Sales to Stocks Residential market survey [RICS March 2014]

Lurot Brand is London’s only Mews property specialists and as we are seeing property prices rise with the London property bubble, we believe that now is the right time to make a quality property investment,  as we see continued growth in the London area.

Our recent addition is a good example of a quality investment. This key house property located in Belgravia has fantastic local amenities. This 2090sqm property also includes a garage, and a ground floor reception room leading to a generously sized kitchen/dining room. There is excellent transport links that include London Victoria station, that has major national rail and London connections. Despite its central and convenient location Burton Mews like all great Mews properties is nestled away from the main noise and bustle of central London. 

We feel this would be a solid investment opportunity not only for the attractive community benefits of living in a Mews property but also for the unique qualities each Mews property has. The provenance of many Mews properties is both inspiring and historically interesting.

Doris Hope Lurot Betjeman Lurot Brand Mews properties in London

Doris Hope Lurot Betjeman

The artworks of Doris Hope Lurot Betjeman reflects the attractiveness and uniqueness of each Mews properties that we cannot help but fall in love with. One would feel as though we were in a beautiful country village. 

Burton Mews Kitchen Dining room Lurot Brand

Thoroughly modern throughout  [Kitchen Dining room]

Burton Mews despite its historical status is thoroughly modern throughout. Not only are the property utilities the latest in technology, but the decor is to an excellent and tasteful modern standard. The design of the house makes excellent use of its space. The Master suite opens to a large dressing room leading to its en suite designed with two in mind.  There are also a further 2 bedrooms both with their own en suite. As well as this the property also contains a Study conveniently located near to the master suite, and a patio located to the rear.

Mater suite bedroom Burton Mews mews porperty london lurot brand

Mater suite bedroom

We feel that this house is a beautiful property and it is the quietest Mews on our books. For more information you are strongly encouraged to view the property specifications located here. You may also wish to contact us.



London Officially Becomes the Property Investment Capital of the World (Again)

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London has become the official property investment capital of the world. The ranking comes as a result of a survey carried out by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate that asked expert global investors from 21 countries to rank cities based on variables such as investment stability and their level of returns.


Tips For Selling Your Home In Winter

snow covered house for winter home selling article

With Christmas only just around the corner (how fast has it come this year?!) and the longest day not too far off either we really are falling into winters cold grasp. It’s during these dreary days that your house may sometimes not look at its best, which can be frustrating and even financially damaging when you are trying to sell it. But how can you turn the characteristically dark and slightly depressing days to your advantage when it comes to selling your home? Here are our top tips for selling your house in winter.


What makes a good estate agency excellent?

trustworthy estate agent
  • Uniquely, we do not regionalise offices. Crucially, a mews buyer is not always a local buyer. Our negotiators have the freedom to show properties all over London and often a mews buyer’s main search criteria is the style of the property/or the mews itself as opposed to its postcode!
  • We pride ourselves on our excellent communication skills
  • We pride ourselves on managing expectations fairly
  • We pride ourselves on qualifying our buyers (and tenants!) comprehensively
  • We pride ourselves on having buyers as passionate about mews as we are!


K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sweetheart

keep it simple sweetheart for Lurot Blog

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sweetheart

Sales and Lettings are often considered to be very different but the key similarity is how do we help our Clients to maximise the returns on their properties. The key is to consider the market you are aiming to attract, our advice is easy to remember: KISS – Keep It Simple Sweetheart. Fashions may come and go but when it comes to investing your money wisely you must remember that Location, Price and Potential are timeless.


Too much of a good thing is bad for you. – have up to 3 agents but never more

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The single most important thing you need to decide when selling or letting your property is which estate agent to instruct? The choice is wide and varied and despite popular pre-conceptions, fuelled mostly by the wider media, not all agents are the same. Unfortunately estate agents regularly feature in polls of the ‘top 10 most hated professions in the UK’ alongside bankers, politicians and bailiffs to name a few.


Welcome to the new Lurot Brand Blog!

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As recently appointed Public Relations Manager for Lurot Brand, I will be bringing you a regular insight into our business – some of it will be anecdotal and some of it will be updates on the Residential Sales and Lettings market in central London. Estate agency is exciting and with over 40 years of experience we are best placed to give you updates on what is hot and what is not in the property world.


British Buy To Let Avoids EU Regulation

Image of monopoly houses for buy to let mortgages explained article

The nationwide buy to let mortgage industry has managed to avoid the regulatory hand of the European Union, to the surprise of many.

The latest European mortgage directive, the Credit Agreements Related to Residential Property Directive (CARRP) (full report), has been passed by the European Parliament and is now the framework for mortgage market management continent wide.  However, UK nationwide buy to let mortgages remain untouched thanks to intensive lobbying by landlord organisations and politicians alike.


The Top 13 Things That Put Off Prospective Tenants Or Buyers

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The importance of first impressions, something we are all too aware of in the property industry. Whether it’s how shiny your shoes are, what car you turn up in or (unsurprisingly) the condition of the property you are trying to sell or let, first impressions can make or break you in this business. If you are currently in the process of trying to sell or let your property we’re sure you have already absorbed, and tried to action, as many ‘good practice’ recommendations as you can. Listening to self proclaimed experts is all well and good, but have you ever wondered what the people that really matter think?